Already yesterday evening I decided to take an easy day today. Since I left Valdez a week ago I covered almost 1000km with significant gravel sections and some decent elevation gains. Even more so, the whole week [working on weekends, too] I was somewhat focused on a schedule. I wanted to be in Canada right when the border opens. I guess, I deserve a weekend.

Since the 2 nights on the North Slope I had my first night with freezing temperatures. No real problem, I sleep in great comfort up until -5 and decently until -10. Below it would get nasty but I do not expect that for extended periods anytime soon. My tent is perfectly located to catch the morning and midday sun, so I take the rainfly off in the morning and enjoy some snoozing in the sun and in my warm sleeping bag.

I guess you have missed my complaints about the weather recently. Simple answer, apart from some occasional rain, the last week was fantastic in terms of weather. That also meant that things got a little bit more smelly over here. I was hoping for a real shower on the campground in Tok, but there was none. By noon it's warm enough and I [almost] comfortably take a full and long overdue shower in Beaver Creek [still the river].

By 2PM I start pedaling without any thoughts on milage or time. As noted yesterday, the scenery doesn't change a whole lot compared to my last days in Alaska. I still follow the Elias range that is enclosed into the Kluane National Park on the Canadian side. However, trying to remember the last kilometers in Alaska, the valley felt more narrow [it was not, just my tunnel vision]. Now the Valley feels like it is opening to a wide enormous place. A new country full of adventures is ahead of me.

With that feeling and a lot of food breaks I pedal through the afternoon and am surprised to still manage 90km. There is a one hour time difference to Alaska so it is fairly light until 10PM for now and the sun is up an hour later. Obviously same same but it suits my rhythm a bit better. I pitch my tent on a very nice place at Koidern river surrounded by yellow trees, beautiful cotton candy like flowers [still don't know much about plants], the sound of the river and a beautiful mountain view. Good night Canada, pleasant first day!