Having a bit of a rough day. Not fishing for anything here so details remain undisclosed. [I am fine!]

Top 3 positive affirmations of the day:

  • It's a sunny day, I have enough water and food, I woke up after a warm night in a frozen tent to a beautiful location
  • I crossed the 3000km mark today and consider one black day a much better average than what I am prepared for
  • I have plenty of candy to carry me through anything [Note to myself: Always carry enough candy!]

I don't particularly seek these days, but they happen and will happen in the future. In a very weird way I can appreciate those days and still draw motivation from them. [That's what I write now, laying in my sleeping bag]. It's always very interesting and funny [in hindsight] to observe myself in difficult situations. Back to the regular blog of randomness tomorrow [I hope].