Day 7 on my mission south. After setting up my tent in the dark and in an rainstorm on top of a hill [You never set up your tent on a hill, it was just too dark] I am too exhausted by now to keep this in text form:

  • Set out in a sunny morning
  • Bruce overtakes me again while climbing the second hill that I left yesterday, and spontaneously shoots some nice pictures of me on the bike before handing me 6 muesli bars [Thanks buddy! I am very curious when you'll pass me again. If anybody is bored from my lousy roadside cellphone pictures and is interested in truly outstanding photography, check his Instagram @myglobalpictures]
  • Headwind, rain on and off about every 30 minutes, no views just clouds
  • Even though it's a push the conditions motivate me that I am on the right mission, at least I can pedal myself out of it