Day 8 on my mission south. Decided to not waste calories by typing so stick to yesterday's format:

  • With the tent flapping in the heavy wind I barely slept last night, I also recklessly skipped a proper dinner [still don't want to eat in the tent in bear country, didn't want to eat in the rain storm either], this morning I get the big bill - my legs feel as weak as never before
  • Within the first 30km I stop every 5km for a break to eat waiting for the energy to flow back in to my legs
  • They stay weak the whole day but I somehow manage to make the 75km to the next outpost - Bell II, where I have to find some sort of solution [hoping for some warm food or a night on the campground, none of that was available, I have a bag of chips]
  • In turn the weather is cheering me up the first half of the day, making my numerous breaks somewhat a pleasure, I can finally see the beautiful mountains that I am passing by and even take a nap in the sun, even though it is a challenge today the sun and the scenery is a true mental retreat
  • At Bell II I have a nice chat with a helicopter pilot, who works for the mining exploration teams out here, they mainly search for gold, silver and copper in these rich mountains