I get up at 9AM (sleeping routine: check) and start into a very warm and sunny day. I ride in shorts and t-shirt today and am very happy to further work on my skin tan that I have build up in Mexico.

Today's task is clear - I have to make it to Coldfoot (the halfwaypoint) by 5PM! Why? Well between 5 and 9PM there is an all you can eat/drink buffet. I guess no further explanation needed.

With a detour to the small village of Wiseman just 5km off the highway, a 3km backtrack to a river where I forgot my spoon and some nice riding on paved stretches of the Dalton I make it to Coldfoot just 5 minutes shy of 5PM.

Adrian and Sara who just finished a 5 day hike instantly make for a great company during the feast. 2 hours, 7 dishes, 4 gatorades and 3 coffees later I find myself unable to move my body and happily suffering from strong stomach aches. It would take me another two hours to be able to get back on the bike again. $23 seems definitely like a steal from my end of the table. The buffet was truly amazing. Great salad bar (2 dishes), great short rips and assortments of vegetables (2 dishes), great shrimps pasta (2 dishes) and great cake (1 dish)! And there was more... (Eating routines: double check!) Highly recommended to everybody traveling through Coldfoot.

With loads of energy running through my bloodstream I continues for another 40km and after a nice descent set up camp next to Koyukuk River.