After my first cold shower in the Atigun River and checking all the important bolts on Klaus after yesterday's bumpy section, I head towards Atigun Pass around noon. It is a beautiful day. The sun shows up for the first time making my last kilometers on the North Slope quite pleasant and leaving me with great anticipation for the much warmer climate on the other side of the Brooks Range.

Even though the clouds are stuck with the higher peaks I still get rewarded with great vistas of the Brooks Range and set a new speed record with Klaus on the smooth surface of the descent from Atigun Pass. On the other side both climate and vegetation change rapidly. There are trees again! I find a nice place to camp at Koyukuk River and finish the day with my first fire.

Today's to do list:

1. Climb Atigun Pass

2. Settle into a more healthy routine


1. Done!

2. I cycle until midnight and still struggle to get my eating + sleeping routines right. Back to start tomorrow!