With the first oat meal of the day in my stomach I am back on the bike by 11AM. Quite late but considering that I cycled half the night yesterday that's fine for me. The plan for today is to get as close to Atigun Pass as possible to cross the Brooks range tomorrow.

After yesterday's high fly the Dalton is showing me its real face today. Thick fog/clouds around me provide very low visibility. Light rain turns the road to mud. Steep hills make for slow progress with the heavy loaded bike. The downhills can't be used for much speeding either because of the incredibly bumpy road conditions. A nasty seagull is chasing me for about 5km coming down on me in nosedives just about 1m above my head.

This is amazing, though. I do enjoy the feeling of remoteness on the North Slope. Left and right of this road there are just thousands of kilometers of pure wilderness, mind boggling.

I also meet a first cyclist. A woman who cycled all the way from Seward up here and is heading for Deadhorse.

With my biorhythm all messed up I push through and cycle again until midnight. I set up camp close to Galbraith Lake at the Atigun River and sleep like a baby.