6:30AM my alarm rings. It's pitch black. It is supposed to be dawn. What's wrong? It takes a while until I realize I must have switched the time zone and my phone adjusted automatically. Alright, so another hour of sleep. Good night again!

Once, I've pushed Klaus out of the field full of cactus and sticky bushes, I again check my tires meticulously. As I said, I am not trusting my tires all that much these days. Back on the endless straight road. I am headed to the large town of Gomez Palacio today. Just 120km but with the headwind of the last two days, I don't want to make too ambitious plans.

After two and a half hours I reach Bermejillo. 80km in two and a half hours? I felt, I was fast judged by the kilometer markers of the road flying by. But that's a solid 32km/h average. I usually have my bike computer set to show me the ride time instead of the kilometers to know when it is time for a break. The wind is gone and my legs seem to be longing for some fast kilometers today.

Alright, quick OXXO break [that's the Mexican version of 7Eleven and can be found in most towns] and off we go again.

The mountains come a bit closer and provide a nice scenery. I could have [or should have] taken a detour to Mapimi, another Pueblo Magico close by, but decide to stick to my route. From Bermejillo on I am on the nicely paved toll road again. I accelerate even further. Including the busy traffic in Gomez Palacio, where I have to slow down tremendously [traffic is just too slow for me today], I log down 120km with a 30km/h average. That was fun!

I am almost a bit mad that I've already booked myself a hotel in town this morning. I should make use of these legs and go on. But well, I arrive at 2:30PM and have half a day of rest in my yet biggest town.

Gómez Pallacio is a nice and ordered town. It feels surprisingly calm compared to the other cities I visited so far. Probably that's the time of the day. Everybody is at work. I have a nice walk, a huge amount of tacos and quesadillas and take some phone calls. As I walk the streets in t-shirt, shorts and sandals [mainly because I washed the other clothes] I feel a bit odd. Everybody is wearing long clothes, jackets, I even see scarves. Winter in Mexico!