The night camping was a true retreat. It was calm and the star sky was just fantastic again. I am up early - nice and refreshed. Unfortunately there often is a trade off. Sleeping only with the inner tent allows to see the sky at night. But it also often means that the morning dew accumaltes inside the tent. So I have to wait until the sun dries everything.

Once I reach the road again, I meticulously check my tires for thorns before hitting the road and pull out some nasty long ones. Let's see how that will go today.

Strong headwind on the ever straight road makes for slow progress. As I reach the first exit I switch to the non-toll road simply to avoid the dilemma of last night. The road is in bad condition. A lot of trash left and right [unfortunately on most Mexican roads so far]. The road seems a bit more anonymous, less drivers greet me.

This might get repetitive but again quite an uneventful day. Still enjoying it but the landscape gets really, really monotonous by now. Probably the major events: Finally reaching the next state, Durango, after spending more than three weeks in Chihuahua which is the largest Mexican state [no, I don't have a clue whether the dogs come from here!]. Also, crossing the 12.000km mark and celebrate it with some road side tacos. Yummy!

Around 5PM I again decide to take the first best option to camp in a field of once again incredibly thorny bushes. But there are also some beautiful yellow plants that glow in the light of the sunset [you know I don't know much about plants!]. Looks beautiful, especially since I've seen nothing but grey desert landscape the whole day. I put the rain fly on to make for a faster start tomorrow.