Has been quite some animal traffic in the forest behind my camp spot so not too much sleep. After a rainy night in the tent that did not only provide shelter for me but also for hundreds of mosquitos it is a hustle to pack and have breakfast while trying to keep my blood with me. Back on the bike I am in good spirits again. Today will be my last day on the Dalton highway and tomorrow I should be back in Fairbanks.

I have my second breakfast at Hess creek and decide to filter my water for the whole day. The last two days have been a bit of bad foresight in terms of water supply. The rivers and creeks are a lot less abundant and clear than in the Brooks Range where I could basically stop all the time and filter some water. But with the many climbs now I am also not too happy with carrying loads of spare water. So I usually start in the morning with 500ml left and hope to find a decent source within one or two hours. It's never critical but a bit of a mindgame each time.

I encounter quite some wild life in the boreal forest today, mainly all sorts of different birds and especially some very nice eagles. The landscape seems monotonous in the first sight, but all the different forrest forms (somewhat dictated by soil and the time since the last forest fire) provide much needed distraction today.

After another day of hills I reach the end of the Dalton Highway around 7PM. What a ride! What a feeling! One guy who seems much less worn down than myself is Klaus. He handled it like a complete champ - no issues at all! He could need a shower, though (so do I!) The Elliot Highway back to Fairbanks will be more like a walk in the park now (I hope).