At 3AM I wake up to incredible wind and snowfall. At least the wind quite surprises me since I am in a narrow valley surrounded by 4 large mountains. By morning however, the snow is already gone and I start into a rather mild day of 2 degrees, which also surprises me considering that I am at 1500m of elevation.

Its Saturday today, I have 4 full days left to get to Vancouver. Taking into account the progress of the last days it's certainly time to admit that this is so much slower than I expected and that I will have to speed up a bit once I reach the next highway. I can't even be sure if I reach Gold Bridge today which is only 50km away.

The day starts with 4km of hike a bike on very a very rocky and steep path which makes for a lot of pushing [I even get blisters, my feet apperently are not used to walking anymore]. Every puddle requires some creativity and makes for a lot of bushwacking [I definitely don't start my day with wet shoes!]. Sometimes they are as much as 30cm deep guessing from how deep Klaus is in the water whom I drag beside me through the puddles.

After finally reaching the next decent forest service road and passing many gorgeous and wild mountain rivers [by bridge this time] I reach first signs of civilization by 2PM - Tyaughton Lake. Powerlines, first cars, some hikers, actually quite some luxurious looking lodges, it has been a while and I do enjoy the feeling of getting back.

After a super fast and steep descent down to Carpenter lake, it completely blows my mind. The lake shivers in azure and teal colors that are not from this planet, all surrounded by high alpine mountains and yellow leaved trees. Again a genuinely raw and unexpected joy.

Down at the lake I am at pavement again, it has been a while, too. I have to admit, it feels great. I literally blast the 11km to Gold Bridge with a fraction of the effort I used to put in over the last days. In turn the weather decides I had enough luck for now and brings some rain and headwind. Gold Bridge itself is unfortunately rather underwhelming. The clouds prevent the beautiful mountain views. At least a Motel with warm food and wifi [I barely had any service since I left Prince George 8 days ago and I am certainly longing to check in with home after this remote adventure]. In the late afternoon I continue on the Hurley River Road towards Pemberton and find a place to pitch my tent close to a huge hydropower dam.