The first day of the third month on this trip starts with a wet morning. It rained half the night and continues the first half of the day. Not such a big deal anymore. By now I found my routines handling everything as dry as possible in the rain and I knew it was coming. However, this morning I am quite fascinated by the adaptability of our bodies. I catch myself with the thought: "surprisingly warm this morning! ". As I check the temperature I find out that it is actually 0 degrees. Makes sense, the rain is more like sleet. As I said, warm...

After the remaining 20km on our self made detour on the farming roads back to West Fraser, Klaus and myself look like we took an full immersion mud bath. The rain turned the road into a slushy, sticky mudslide that made for a lot of pushing and pulling this morning.

About noon we are back on West Fraser Road following the beautiful canyon of Fraser River. Steep, vertical walls, partially with yellow leaved trees or exposed sandy rock, fall down to the river. I estimate that I am above the Fraser between 100 and 300m, constantly alternating the altitude [not one of the lovely flat river roads I used to know from Europe].

Finding a good [and clean] place to pitch my tent in the evening develops into quite a challenge today. It's a canyon, so not much space. Where there is space, there is either fenced or unfenced cattle farming. In the unfenced parts cattle also seems to prefer to do its business in the only level places of their grasslands. Just before darkness I decide to pitch my tent just next to the road [I am on the Chilcotins-Meldrum road now, so traffic died down to zero by now and until tomorrow morning anyway].