It's Monday, so I call the weekend over as well and decide to slowly get going again after the easy and relaxing last days [still no kilometer counting and no highways, I promise]. Today that will mainly mean preparations to be able to really disappear on the back roads for some time.

I start into a rather fresh morning with 1 degree and reach Quesnel a bit after noon. I have a large Pizza and stock up on food there. Since I don't want to take detours to do groceries and don't have a finished interinary I get 6 days worth of food to be on the safe side.

Heavily loaded and well fed I set out on the West Fraser Road which will quickly get me about 100km further south where I then have the rough idea to ride around the many back roads through the Chilcotins.

After just 20km I unfortunately have to turn around. Parts of West Fraser Road and a bridge have been washed out in a flood 3 years ago and they are still in the process of rebuilding. Did I knew that before? Yes! Did I ask some people in Quesnel about it? Yes! Long story short: The mixed answers motivated me to give it a try with the bike. However, the construction workers strictly disagreed with that idea.

I of course do not take the recommended 45km detour and the highway is not an option either. So I find myself instead on some very rocky, very steep farming roads. I even have to push Klaus up a few times [glad he gained a few kilos just some hours before]. Halfway I pitch the tent before it gets too dark. I am happy with the day all set for some off the road adventures in the next days.