It's Sunday, October 3rd, Germanys national holiday - what a bummer that it's on a Sunday this year [well for me that doesn't matter for obvious reasons but I do feel with my German readers.]!

I celebrate with a proper easy Sunday morning. I take the rainfly off my tent around 8 and snooze in the sun until 10, followed by a nice breakfast at the lake with lots of fresh [!] fruits.

Without thoughts on progress or a destination I start pedaling into a sunny day on my lonely road through the forest. I stop about every 15km for an outrageously long food break and take in the sun. I pass by many large cattle farms. Clearly not the wild north anymore but still idyllic. I decide not to find a camp spot early today but to pedal during my favorite hour around sunset. During the golden hour it's hard to distinguish what is shining brighter, the forest with it yellow birches or the sun. Magical evening. I even see a moose with calve.

At Twin Lakes I pitch my tent in the dark forest around 7:30PM. Day and night have roughly the same length by now which will make for a lot of sleep in the next coming weeks.