Day 16, final day on my mission "escaping winter" with around 160km left to Prince George.

I start early in a bright sunny day. I am heading east, so I have full blown sun in my face and in addition a descent tailwind. With 30km/h plus I am flying towards Prince George without much effort. Traffic is insane, though. Long stretches without a shoulder that I can ride in. Huge trucks would rather often pass me with a lot less than 1m distance. I don't feel unsafe but it's somewhat stressful and intense.

In Vanderhoof I make a longer break and meet Felicity at the farmers market where she sells her produce. She invites me for a delicious meal [thank you such much!] and we share a nice talk while she is busy serving all her customers. In November she will embark on a long bike trip as well potentially starting in Argentina riding northbound. So maybe I'll meet her halfway.

The remaining 80km to Prince George stay uneventful except for my 5000km mark crossing [I celebrate with oatmeal]. I reach the town by 7PM and decide to stay at a cheap campground in the outskirts.

The mission "escaping winter" is accomplished, more than 1600km since I left Whitehorse. But I basically started this big push already in Valdez exactly one month of time, 3261km of distance and 23.926m of climbing ago. Phew!

I remain fully convinced that it was the right decision and am incredibly grateful that Klaus and my body stayed happy and healthy throughout the month. However, I hope to gear down the next couple of days [and weeks]. Time for some rest. See you next month!