Day 15 on my mission south. It set out with the ambition to cover 190km to Vanderhoof today where I would have the chance to stay with warmshowers host Felicity and see her farm. But with the strong headwind I get today and fighting it in the morning I abandon that aspiration around noon.

Compared to all the roads and highways I have traveled so far, the Yellowhead Highway is just pure insanity in terms of traffic. I am happy that I have my rear mirror but it is still quite a mentally exhausting ride. I even ride with my flashing bike lights during the day to be seen better.

A lot of logging trucks feeding some of the world's largest saw mills that I pass today, trucks with the milled wood in the other direction, a lot of trucks with heavy machinery [supposedly for mining and agriculture] and quite a lot of rather recklessly driving cars... I am riding along one of the lifelines of Canada that is connecting east and west that is also accompanied by the trans Canada railway track. It's interesting but not necessarily pleasant riding.

It's also the first time that I pass vast agricultural lands [mainly cattle]. I occasionally saw some agriculture between Haines Junction and Whitehorse but now it certainty intensifies. The cows seem quite interested in bike riders. Sometimes the whole herd runs next to me until they reach the fence of their vast fields. There I stop to feed and pet them. A nice escape from the highway.

At Fraser Lake I enjoy a nice dinner having the homemade bread from Deb [feel so German again]. It's already dark but with the traffic slowing down I intend to continue for 10 more kilometers to the next lake where I want to camp. However, while leaving Fraser Lake I pass a baseball field with nicely sheltered benches for the reserve players. It might sound odd, but I am just looking for a quick night to continue to Prince George tomorrow and those places are just unbeatable in terms of convinience. I don't need a tent which saves me a lot of time, I don't have to pack my food bear safe and it also just started raining quite heavily [and continues half the night]. Recuperating and waiting for my time to play tomorrow morning I sleep in.