Day 14 on my mission south. After a nice last breakfast with homemade bread I suck up all the inspiration for my further travels from Deb and Lothar. Beyond the nice travel recommendations we also share some general thoughts on travel. As I do they also did not plan out everything and took things like they came and followed their intuition. Especially after this long ride down from Whitehorse I still struggle a bit with the so called fear of missing out. My body apparently needed no time to settle into this trip. However, the mind is still settling and I am continously learning.

I leave around 1:30PM loaded with half a loaf of the great bread and homemade granola. Deb, Lothar, thank you so much for having me. It was a truly inspirational stay with you!

Before heading towards Prince George, I check out the nice town Smithers a bit and restock some food. I am almost overwhelmed from the grocery offering and don't know what to buy since I won't need much food.

Well rested I follow the last peaks of the coast mountains with beautiful glaciers on the Yellowhead Highway and call it a day close to Topley. Two days to go to Prince George.