I wake up to a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and the Bulkley River and have a great breakfast with Debbie and Lothar. Debbie did bake homemade bread which tastes amazing and revives the memory of all the great bread we have in Germany [sth you really start to appreciate when away].

After the two retired they cycled from their home in Smithers to Ushuaia, Argentina on their recumbent bikes... and all the way back! 55.000 kilometers, 4 years, it goes without saying that we have a lot to talk about. Deb documented many sustainability topics along the way and is currently writing a book about it, what gives even more room for interesting talks and discussions. In addition they go on months-long sea kayaking trips on the Canadian and Alaska coastlines. Lothar and Debbie are truly young and inspiring people to me.

To spin up the legs I go on a nice hike in the Babine mountains with Lothar. It is a bit further than we both were expecting so towards the end we are quite on the edge to trail running to make it back before darkness [I wish I will be as fit as this guy once I retire!] but the scenary is fantastic.

I even get my first snow while we descend from the highest point. The first snow of the season is always a magical expirience. Christmas came early for me this year. Nonetheless, I don't mind when it stays away from the road a tiny bit longer.