Day 10 on my missions south.

  • With a long and dry night and 175km left to Carneby, where I'll stay with a warmshowers host, I am back on the bike by 7:30AM today
  • First half of the day is still rainy, but around noon it finally clears up
  • I pass through forests with enormous trees, I suppose the mild and wet pacific climate provides a great environment for them, I also finally see a bit of wildlife - a black bear and loads of bald eagles [fascinating and enormous birds]
  • I am very low on substantial food by now, so I have lots of candy
  • I reach Kitwanga and thus the end of the Cassiar Highway in the late afternoon and take the Yellowhead Highway in eastbound direction
  • I watch a beautiful sunset over Steena river which looks spectacular with the haze coming up from the river
  • For parts I follow the old highway which goes along the railway tracks, once I have to wait at a crossing because of a passing train, a whopping 15 minute wait for these enormous trains connecting east and west of Canada
  • Around 8PM I finally reach the house of my warmshowers host Scott