Day 9 on my mission south. I'll write a recab once I take a rest day and stick to the short format until then.

  • Yesterday I pitched the tent early at Mehan Lake just outside Bell II and slept like a baby for 10 hours
  • Over breakfast I enjoy a nice talk with Sofia from Fairbanks heading south to Washington state, basically she had snow everyday since she left Fairbanks 3 days ago [lots of snow in Kluane, snow in Whitehorse and yesterday also snow in Dease Lake],
  • It's somewhat a good reassurance that my sprint to the south was the right decision, seems like I am staying ahead of snow a day or two, I can also already feel a change in temperature by now and don't have freezing nights anymore
  • I am still not at 100% but feel much more rested
  • Flat out rain today, nothing more nothing less [35mm says the weather forecast]
  • Pushing 95km to Meziadin Junction again with fantasies to get some proper warm food
  • Soaking wet I arrive there finding a nice cantine meant for the local mining workers, finally some warm food for me and I take a 3 hour break from the rain and get my clothes decently dry
  • Just 10km from there I find a nicely sheltered spot at a rest area, it leaves a lot of kilometers for tomorrow but I decide that it is worth more to sleep dry and have another 10 hours of sleep