It's day 5 on my mission to the south. The day starts rather nice with a bit of sun and a few occasional mountain views that peak out above the clouds. I pass some beautiful lakes that shiver in azur blue colors almost like the caribian sea, Good Hope Lake as the most beautiful to me. I am very happy to finally get some new energy boosts from the landscape. I pass by many places to hike but I simply don't feel like delaying my progress on this stage.

After a hefty rain shower and otherwise good progress I reach the first serviced outpost on the Cassiar Highway - Jade City. Again no warm food or grocery offering, but free coffee [!], wifi and candy bars. The credit card limit is 5CAD so I have three, no problem.

Bruce, a very friendly traveler who already passed me yesterday, hooks me up with an orange and an apple. You won't believe how much you cherish some fresh fruits when you are on a high caloric junk food diet that I am maintaining for the most part.

I check the weather forcast. Everybody tells me they don't work well here but at least they give some sort of indication. The indication is..., let's say concerning. It's still about 550km to go on the Cassiar Highway.

With these news I continue again until I reach the 160km mark around 9PM. It's rather dark in the forest but once I reach my desired camp location at Dease Lake the moon shine provides great light and I pitch the tent under a beautiful night sky. With the conditions forecasted and the climbing ahead I doubt that I'll be able to continue the fast progress of the last two days but I am happy for what I got so far.