The last three days did not quite went as they should in terms of riding. My mission to the south is quite a jump in terms of distance. Since the grocery offerings are very limited I should cover a decent amount of kilometers everyday to make it work.

After 10 hours of sleep I am back on the bike fresh and early around 8:30AM as I aspired yesterday. Leaving the sleeping bag in the freezing mornings requires more and more willpower in the last days but once I am up and going I am always excited to be back on the road.

I set out in the mild headwind and 2 degrees [my bike computer shows the temperature if anybody is wondering why I always know it]. The hills around me already get snow. I get the rain. I estimate the snow line to be 200 - 400m above me. I actually fear the rain more in the cold weather than snow but all that doesn't matter to me right now. I declare it the day to finally find my riding rhythm again and to leave the Alaska Highway behind. In contrast to the weather I almost burst of excitement.

By 3PM I finally reach the junction to the Stewart Cassiar Highway. After three days on the Alaska highway eastbound, this road will finally get me in the right direction, about 750km southbound.

I wanted to get some warm food and restock a bit at the gas station, but no offerings. The restaurant is closed for the season. At least I get a hot coffee and a bag of chips. After a long break I am on my way again. I enter British Columbia - "The Best Place on Earth" reads the welcome sign [no understatements here in BC]. The Cassiar Highway is supposed to be one of the most scenic highways in Canada with an abundance of wildlife. I definitely need this change in scenery now.

It has cleared up a little by now and it's a pleasant evening. On my first 40km I pass through a huge area of a past forest fire. Certainly the biggest I have seen so far. It has its own beauty of distruction and start for new life. Based on the new trees I estimate the fire to be somewhere between 5 and 15 years ago [still don't know much about plants, as I write this I don't know anything about the fire, maybe google: forest fire - British Columbia - North end of Stewart-Cassiar highway].

I see a beautiful Lynx passing the road and watch a nice sunset. At Wheeler Lake I call it a day with some other traveller's spending the night there and sleep in with an immense amount of wolf howling in the distance.