It's day 2 of my mission to the south. I am rather quick in the morning since I slept without a tent. The campground had an open but roofed sitting area. To escape condensation and to save some time I decided to just sleep underneath it. Suprisingly well.

It's cloudy today and without the sun power the temperature does not succeed 8 degrees. A decent headwind makes progress slow and the felt temperature colder. I am happy that I still pass two places where I can have a hot coffee.

For the most part I pedal through the [monotonous] forest along the Alaska highway. However, it is interrupted by enormous and chrystal clear lakes, Teslin lake as the largest. Beautiful scenery, but no swimming for me today. Already at 8PM I decide to call it a day at Morley lake where I find a perfectly sheltered place for my tent and plenty of wood for a warming campfire.