Around noon it is time to say goodbye to Sofia, Dan and Josef. It has been a fantastic stay with these warm-hearted people and quite hard to leave after just two days. Thank you so much for beeing able to host me on such a last minute request and for the outstanding hospitality, guys!

Nonetheless, I declare it's gotime. There is a big jump of roughly 1500km ahead of me to Prince George in British Columbia. I planned in some minor detours, and might take a rest if needed but more or less it will be one big push. Unfortunately I decided to cut out most of the things I really wanted to visit here in the north of Canada for one non-neglectable reason - weather. It's mid September and I am still pretty far north. Everybody that I ask ensures me, wintery weather can hit anytime [also completely out of the blue].

I am generally prepared for some heavy weather but to be honest I simply wouldn't enjoy it. Especially since I am still traveling quite remote. I have food for almost 10 days with me. Many places are closed for the season already and the next reliable grocery store on my route is a whopping 1200km away [otherwise I would need to take additional detours just to get food].

Of course I am not super happy about it, but let's face it: There was no chance to be in Canada earlier. I am grateful to have the privilege to cross Canada by bike and will still be able to take in nice sceneries from the road as well. There is just less room for stopping/detours.

I leave Whitehorse on a little hike a bike out to Miles Canyon and then head towards Alaska Highway. I feel well rested but it takes some time to find my rhythm again. The ride is uneventful, just that the evening ensures my mission again. The sun sets around 8PM and the temperature drops within half an hour from 15 to below 5. I sleep at a cheap state campground tonight without facilities and am happy that two hunters from Whitehorse invite me to join their campfire and share a beer.