I spend the days in Whitehorse with Sofia, Josef and Daniel as well as cat Gracie and husky Gaston. Josef and Daniel are originally from Czech Republic but after completing their bike ride from Argentina to the most northern road end in Canada, they fell in love with the country and stayed.

Daniel's mom Sofia is currently visiting and what can I say... Even though we have a language barrier she treats me like the boys. Once I get down to make my breakfast oats I already find a perfect breakfast prepared for me. I also join for a delicious lunch. I think everybody who knows a thing about the Eastern European understanding of hospitality might be able to imagine how I am treated here. So it probably goes without saying, that I instantly feel at home. Of course I would have been more than happy with a warm place to sleep but this treatment is of course the best way to recuperate for my roughly 3000km ride down to Vancouver.

Well slept, well fed and well smelling I set out to explore Whitehorse a bit. I take it easy. I always have the feeling that at the first rest day the body is the most tired. Finally it is "safe" and can start complaining about the things it wasn't brave enough to complain about while on the road.

Whitehorse has quite some history [as mutually agreed please refer to Wikipedia for that] but seems like the most modern place I have visited so far on my trip. A lot of street art, nice architecture, public transportation, many bike riders, cool little shops, good food...

I visit the local bike shop trying to get the missing bolt on my pedal replaced. The bike shop is very good and with a workaround we make it work [quite some work time so it was an expensive bolt for me. Even though it was the longest bolt he could find it is unfortunately too short for me to get my desired low click in tension. But that I will realize a day too late...]

After that I want to go to the sauna in the Canada Game Center which is a huge indoor sports playground with football fields, swimming pool, ice skating etc.. Unfortunately the sauna is still closed. I watch an ice hockey match instead. I think it is my first one. It so fast. I never really got the hang of ice skating, only tried once as a kid and failed miserably. Since then I am always very impressed when I see people beeing able to do it [probably the majority of the readers here, so let me tell you: I am impressed!].

The next day is already prep day for what will be most likely the biggest stage so far on this trip. I get all the groceries, wash clothes, pack up, map out the interinary and suck up all the inspiration from Josef and Daniel for Canada and beyond.