My water bottles are sligthly frozen in the morning but overall I had a warm night. By 10:30AM I set out into the thick fog that provides roughly 100 - 200m of visibility and prevents the sun from sending its warmth towards me. The sun finally regains the power at 11:30AM and clears up the sky to a beautiful day.

I am heading towards Whitehorse with a bit of mixed feelings. I don't have a place to stay yet and also no reliable internet before the arrival to check/organize something on the way. Camping is of course the default option, but a little homebase after spending two weeks in the woods and to figure out the interinary throughout Canada would certainly be great. With good and smooth riding I make it to Whitehorse by 6PM.

Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory [a state of the size of France but with only 35.000 inhabitants] and is located at the banks of the Yukon river. While making my way through the first residential areas and into the city center, Whitehorse feels instantly very homely to me. Pretty, little houses, beautiful maintained bike and foot path along the riverside, all enclosed in the sorrounding hills. I look forward to spend two easy days here before continuing southbound.

Well, a homely place still without a warm home for me as it turns out once I check my mails [maybe Alaska spoiled me a bit as well]. I basically burned my monthly budget for the Covid test and the sea kayaking and since I don't fancy wildcamping in a town I make my way to a campground. Unfortunately I find it closed. After some pedaling around I find a spot to spend the first night [it is a bit sketchy to say the least, but good for a short night]. Just when I settle down to write these lines around 9PM I receive a text message from Josef and Daniel...

They spent a week in the north and will return home to Whitehorse tonight. In case I am still looking for a place, they would be happy to host me. Heaven! After a hot soup, a warm shower and some nice talks I go to bed in the warm house that I was longing for. Happy end in Whitehorse with big thanks to Sofia, Dan and Josef!