Second try: I wake up after a good night at a beautiful location. Yesterday I pitched my tent at the beach of Kluane lake [largest lake in Yukon Territory] in Destruction Bay [name was spot on for yesterday]. Early on when I leave my tent I notice a key next to it. When I pitched, it was still light, so I am sure I would have recognized it. It reads the name of the motel here where I asked yesterday for a recommendation to pitch my tent. Room number 4. Coincidence? If so, quite a weird one.

With hopes for a nice room and a warm shower sponsered by an anonymous donour I am on my way to the motel. It was a nice 5 minute dream. The folks at the reception where happy that I brought the key back, but there was no reservation for the room. I get a simple "thank you"! That's it. I struggle to hide my disappointment. No room, no shower, back into the outrageous headwind today.

Oh yeah the headwind... I manage 18km/h maximum speed today on the downhills [Don't want to talk about the climbs and the flats]. Nonetheless, I am in very good spirits again. I said I wanted to take it slow through Kluane and explore it a bit. Maybe the wind is just a reminder to really do it

I take in the landscape. The lake shivers in green and blue colors, the waves pitched up by the wind have white, foamy tips, beautiful mountain views which are either snow/glacier capped or in full bloom fall colors. Impressive!

Unfortunately, I can't take pictures of it. It's my 11th day on the road and I am completely out of juice. By midday my phone dies. I am upset about it. I am even more upset about the fact, that I am upset that my phone died. I generally consider myself not very tied to my phone and I don't urgently need it [no service anyway]. But I traded my camera for a good camera phone, so it's a bit of bummer.

When I do my lunch break at the most beautiful spot of the day I meet Patrick and his wife with their camper van. I ask them if I may hook my phone while they are here. Since they just have a quick break Patrick decides instead to gift me his fully charged solar power bank. I try to refuse, but couldn't. People are so nice. Thank you so much, Patrick! You should thank him, too [pictures of the remaining day will be attached soon].

It is difficult to explain how it feels to be confronted with so much generosity and kindness. I have nothing really to give back - big thanks and big smiles. That's it! It feels weird. The generosity of Patrick also let's me think differently about the situation this morning in the motel.

Juiced up, I take a lot of pictures, go on a little hike a bike with Klaus and pitch the tent nice and early after only 55km again at a beach of Kluane lake. Slowly but surely I get the hang of sleeping on picture book like places. I watch a beautiful sunset out of my tent while listening to the waves. Good day today, good night!