I wake up in the nice and dry shelter of the little cabin and set out around 9:30AM to get my Covid test for the border crossing. When I reach the local health center I find it closed for Labour Day for the next two days. In addition I read a sign that says "No Covid testing for non essential traveller's possible at the moment, apologies". Okay...

After a short meltdown that lasted for about 10 seconds, I was sure that there must be another testing facility here. It's the last town before the Canadian border and I also called in last week from Valdez to make sure that I can take a test here today. This must be just the wrong place. After calling again I find the mobile testing station conveniently placed next to the grocery store, phew!

Unfortunately I have to wait for two hours to take the test and another one to get the result. I do the groceries in the meantime. I get food for 6 days. It will be around 650km to Whitehorse [where I safely have good grocery offerings again] and if the weather is good I want to have enough supplies to squeeze in a day or two of hiking in Kluane National Park before.

It still surprises me how often I have to take so many days worth of food with me but I am happy that I can still make it work with my packing set up. To put this in perspective 6 days of food for me nowadays accounts for the same amount of calories that a two person household would buy for a whole week of home cooking only. Obviously I buy rather high caloric junk.

With 30.000 calories and my negative result I am on my way back to the campground around 1:30PM. Canada here I come!

Well, I don't come fast. For whatever reason I don't really get going. Packing all the food, making use of the campgrounds stove to cook another meal, taking advantage of the mobile service coverage [there is literally no phone service out of towns here, at least with AT&T]... 4:30PM, Canada I am on my way now!

The delay is of course not really an issue. The border is still shut for me today. I just liked the idea of camping right in front of the border and cross it in the morning. After covering the first 66 of 150km to the border and a nice sunset I set up camp next to the Alaskan Highway, instead. Canada, I'll be with you tomorrow [fingers crossed]!