I spend a bit less than one day in McCarthy. It feels a bit short for a 300km detour but for me it's time to finally push towards Canada now. After stopping for a coffee and a last view on Root Glacier I set out back on the 100km washboard road that I came in. I don't want to lie, I am not extremely excited about it.

I know the scenery already but at least the fall colors provide a fascinating perspective on the forest and mountains that change everyday now. In addition I find an extraordinary entertainment today by making the sound "Ahhhhh" and listening to the vibrations of my voice that the wahsboard surface creates.

I meet Elon and Iris from Israel that explore Alaska in an RV with their kids. They hook me up with some delecious cookies and water and I am happy to return the favor by providing them with a piece of rope to fix a loose hatch in their RV. We share a nice talk about travels.

After the 100km are behind me I am again at the bridge where Chitina River yields into Copper River, my favorite scenery here. I use it to cook and meet two guys with their kayaks. They have been paddling down Chitina River. Amazing and much more remote than when you are somewhat reliant on roads like I am. I really would love to do a multi day kayak trip in the future. These remote rivers here really inspire me.

Apart from this I end a rather uneventful day with a campfire next to Tonsina River.