To give my body the right time to readjust I spend a rest day in Comitan. Comitan is another Pueblo Machico but is a nice contrast to San Cristóbal as it is not all that touristy [don't spot a single western face]. One thing about Mexican towns have to be said, though. Apart from differences in local culture and regional food, they become very repetitive after time. Beautiful Plaza with people spending their nights outdoors and making for a flourishing street vendor economy, beautiful church, beautiful municipality, beautiful trees, bustling markets, a main street with shops, colorful houses, strong Spanish influences in architecture... Add the a bit of rough and bustling Mexican spice and there you have it - your Mexican town. Not being so overly interested in towns this is perfect. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for a nice evening walk after a day on the bike without leaving one with the feeling of missing out on something if you not check out every corner of a given town.

And so I wander the beautiful streets a bit and for the first time treat myself to some non-Mexican food in form of some fancy salad bowls. For one I still have plenty of pesos to kill and I also feel like my body is longing for some fresh healthy food that is not too heavy. With that I let the rest day be a rest day and do some research for tomorrow's border crossing to Guatemala.