In the morning I collect wild blueberries around my camp spot. They are literally everywhere and provide a very appreciated change to my breakfast oats.

The road is very bumpy today and the hunters like to pass me very quickly and leave me in a dust cloud for several minutes (there were friendly exceptions though). On the Park Road there was a "no dust rule" when passing cyclist so cars had to slow down significantly when they approach me and even on the Dalton Highway the (busy) truckers were always greeting me friendly and slowing down very consideratly to not dust me. Hunters must have no time to waste out here...

I enjoy another sunny day with beautiful landscape. The scenery at Sunsitna River, a fairly large stream with the Alaska Range in the background, impresses me particularly. On top of the Mac Laren summit, the highest point of the road, I got denied a last spectacular view of the Alaska Range by the long-awaited (not!) incoming rain clouds but overall I am happy about the sunny days. It made a huge difference!

I am still in my "night owl" routine (and gave up on changing it for now). In quite a drastic opposite to what I preferred back in Germany I now really enjoy sleeping in. I take it slow in the mornings. I usually do all the maintenance and preparing and start riding between 10 and 11AM (a nightmare for most travel cyclist that I know). What I love even more: Riding in the evening. After 8PM traffic basically reduces to non-existent, wildlife starts to come closer to the road and the feeling of solitude (not to be mistake by loneliness) is the greatest. I draw a lot of energy from these hours of the day. This day structure will have to change in other parts of the world/seasons but for now I am happy.

However, today I get it wrong a little bit. The more south I get the earlier it gets dark. With the thick cloud coverage today it's basically pitch black (no light pollution) by 10:30PM. It's the first time that I ride with my headlamp. In the beam of light I spot a moose with calve and at a lake a busy beaver, but unfortunately no decent campspot (a huge difference what you consider decent when dark). At Tangle river I call it a day and decide to just sleep under the roof in front of a toilet house.