Instead of having my regular breakfast oats I give the little restaurant in the basement of the hotel a visit. Coffee [hot water and a few spoons of instant coffee] and Huevos Rancheros, my favorite Mexican breakfast since Elias in Puerto Morelos treated me with it several times. Tortillas, sunny side up eggs and salsa, yummy. While I sip on what they call coffee, I also realize that my coffee cold withdrawal worked quite well with regards to my almost excessive coffee consumption in the US. I simply didn't came across all that much coffee in Mexico so far. Candy bars replaced by fruit, coffee cut out... Seems like I am getting into a really healthy diet here. I have a lot of sugary drinks, though.

I also do enjoy testing all my Spanish that I learned on the audio course yesterday with the owners. Muy interessante! It has to be said, that the Mexicans really make it easy for me. They love to pull me into a conversation without much hesitation and are curious. Just like the Americans on the lonely country roads, people here are probably even more interested to hear where I am from.

I have two route options to Parral and asked in the restaurant for advice. And so I am on the smaller, lonelier road through the Sierra Madre. Again almost no traffic and if so nothing but friendly and cheerful drivers. As my regular readers, you know I had similar experiences on the country roads in the US and Canada where many people would greet me. Mexicans just add a big bright smile and occasionally a friendly honk or a cheerful shout out to it. I love it!

Otherwise, again an enjoyable day of uneventfullness. The mountains of the Sierra Madre, yellow grey grassland with beautiful shaped trees scattered all over, zen mode... It's a bit on the chilly side but I don't mind riding in long clothes. Saves my precious German sunscreen.

By sunset I reach Hidalgo de Parral, a larger town of about 100.000 inhabitants. I have the obligatory evening walk, see the churches, the main plaza, watch the busy street vendors, get some elote en vaso as a snack [cooked corn in a cup, cheese and different sauces in it], do some groceries. I like the busy character of the towns here. I don't like the trashy shops that I often even fail to label correctly. How would you name a shop that sells shoes and electronics only?