I leave Creel in the morning hours headed to San Rafael. Even though the climbs don't even show up as such on the elevation profile it is quite some strenuous hill riding today. I reach Divisadero de Barranca around noon and get my very, very first view of the Copper Canyons. Some Tarahumara women sell their arts and crafts and make the scenery perfect.

Wow! There is not much else to day then, wow! The canyon landscape is so spectacular and majestic, that I struggle to put it in words. I've seen quite some landscapes on this trip so far but in this moment I deem it to be the most breath-taking scenery I have ever seen. I will upload a few photos in due course do give you an idea.

Before hitting the road again I ride along the rim of the canyon a bit. I can clearly see that all the climbing of the last days was nothing but a relaxed warm-up. I am looking forward to what very likely be the toughest physically riding so far. I see it as the last big test before I am 100% sure that I'll be able to conquer everything that will come my way on the long way ahead. So let's see how that goes.

I reach San Rafael in the afternoon and stop for a taco break. Shortly after I find a rather good spot for my first wild camping in Mexico. It's a bit early but I don't want to push my luck for the first camping. I turn on a backroad and hide in the forest. It's not the most scenic place but somewhere we have to start, right?