When I wake up in the morning my rear tire lost air again. After yesterday's 2 hour patching mission I don't feel like touching the bike again. It did not lose all much so I decide to just re-pump and get going. I must honestly admit that I'm losing a little bit of confidence in the tire but what can I do. I have to wait until Mexico City to get re-supplies from Germany.

Today is the first real climbing day into the mountains of the Sierra Madre. Traffic is low on the lonely country roads, the scenery is vast and wide, yellow gray grassland, the first peaks, silence. Around noon I reach a bigger lake that I imagined camping at if I hadn't had the flat tires yesterday. Again, even the lake is fenced. I'm very curious when I will be finally able to camp again.

After finishing the first climbs up to 2000m, I reach San Lorenzo where I have a lunch break. Dirt roads, no pavement, a nice little church and plaza, a little shop. A little boy named Eron [is what I understand] joins in and tries to have a conversation with me. Lacking an appropriate amount of Spanish it's a bit difficult but I enjoy it regardless. He asks me whether I have siblings [what I think means hijos]. I answer that I have two hijas [what I think means sisters] and return the question to him. He has none.

As I recall the conversation back on the bike I realize that I confused hijos [kids] and hermanos [siblings] and can now better understand the slightly confused look of the seven year old Eron when I asked him about his kids. Well, I think I'll get there eventually.

At the end of the day riding through either a vast and lonely scenery or agricultural lands, I reach a little road side hotel and check-in for the night. Cold shower with next to no pressure, basic room. The rear tire did hold so, so. Once I reach Cuauhtémoc I will definitely have to buy some new tubes.