Qick announcement from the future: I finally reached a town with proper wifi and uploaded all the remaining pictures from Utah and Arizona make sure to check them out in the folder "Lower 48".


From Janos I take a very short 60km ride to Nuevas Casas Grandes today. It's the first bigger town [I think about 50.000 inhabitants] and I plan to spend some nights there. Already before entering Mexico I decided to take it very easy in Mexico for the first few days. Maybe it is a bit unnecessary but I feel like I want to properly "arrive" and get somewhat a feeling for the country, the safety situation and the language before hitting the road to my first real destination

After a smooth ride on the federal highway with a wide and clean shoulder as well as careful drivers I arrive, find a nice hotel in the city center and book three nights.

I finally get cash and immediately afterwards get my first tacos at Rosas [AL Pastor, pork meat grilled like a Döner and pineapple]. Sooo good! Being only moderately full I order a second plate just to be sure [Tacos de Tripa, grilled intestines]. Mhmmm, even better. I simply love tacos and wonder why they are always so bad in Germany. It's a very basic dish. Elias in Puerto Morelos really made sure to introduce me to many different Mexican foods which should makes it quite easy to me now to navigate through the culinary menu of Mexico.

I also give the local supermarket a visit. The smell in the fruit section is incredible. It simply smells like tons of fresh, delicious fruit. I can't remember that the fruit section in the US [neither in Germany] smells like anything. I also notice that food finally comes in human sized packages again. In the US everything has to be big of course, which obviously means that everything is packaged in [for a European] outrages sizes. It sometimes was a huge pain in the butt since pack size matters a lot to me.

Walking back to the hotel on the main street I also realize the sheer number of paint shops. Well, Mexican houses are colorful and somewhere they must get it. Otherwise the town is neat, busy, loud, shoe cleaners cleaning cowboy boots of their owners, street vendors... A stark contrast to American towns where everybody is inside their homes by that time.