It was cold, really cold tonight [I know, it gets repetitive]. I took my bike computer inside to check the temperatures every now and then. -12 degrees was the minimum and that's inside... Remember when I wrote about my comfort temperatures of my set-up back in Canada? I wrote: I can sleep in great comfort until - 10, below it would get nasty. Well, it was not "nasty" last night. It was still okay but certainly a temperature where sleeping comfort gets compromised.

I am rather impressed though, that I was able to pinpoint my comfort temperatures so precisely. I can admit it here now [also some gear talk]: My sleeping bag is rated with a comfort temperature of "just" 0 degrees [still pretty impressed what 600g of goose down can do]. Add my silk liner and wearing all my clothes I estimated my comfort temperature to be -10. To the degree this was precise.

I also attribute me being cold to the fact that the ground remains frozen during the day. Hence, I pitch the tent already on sub zero temperature from below and I was feeling this. My pad is insulating until - 4. The pad is one of the most underestimated pieces when it comes to sleeping in cold temperatures.

Most likely this will stay the coldest night spend outside for a very long time for me. Thus, I am very very happy that my set-up really seems to hit the sweet spot between weight and comfort for me.

Why I am rather certain that it remains the coldest night? Well, it's motel time today. I am in warmshowers no man's land again. Winslow has some cheap options and is with 155km just the right distance away. I feel like I need a night inside and also could make use of a shower. I am actually sweating quite a bit in this weather since temperatures differ a lot between sun/shade, uphill/downhill and I don't feel like adjusting my clothes every 10 minutes.

The sun really does its best but is unable to get the temperatures really up in the morning which makes for a late start around 10AM. Early on I leave the dirt road and am back on pavement towards Kykotsmovi, Hopi reservation.

As I arrive I see a recumbent bike with touring set-up at the visitor center. Since Jean-Francois in Victoria I haven't met another cyclist traveling. Even though I am having a coffee break for almost half an hour I am unable to locate the owner, a bummer.

I have a nice chat with a Navajo woman named Jeanette instead, who explains me how Covid affected their communities. Some lost almost all their native speaking elderly, a much bigger bummer.

I am continuing through the Hopi reservation on State Road 87 towards Winslow. The landscape changes again, trees are gone, flat dry grassland, a few pointy mountains in the distance. Quite un-entertaining. Zen-like state of mind on the remaining 110km towards Winslow.

It might seem odd but I do miss sport sometimes. With few exceptions [mainly headwind and steep climbs] I do not ride with a whole lot of intensity. I just pedal at a relaxed pace [aspire to keep on doing this]. This is not a race of course. With a shower coming up tonight, exactly 75 minutes to sunset and 40km to go to the 150km mark I hatch the idea of a little time trail. The conditions are good [or at least not against me]. I still deem it possible to make it below 6 hours of ride time. For good measure I add the following incentive: < 6 hours = Pizza, > 6 hours = home-cooked potatoe mash [not that this would be a true punishment]. With slightly burning legs and just before sunset I cross the virtual finish-line at 5h:55m:55s [no joke!]. That was fun! The last 5km I keep the legs spinning towards the motel. Bath tub, Pizza Pizza, good nighty!