I spend three amazing days in the area around Moab with the beautiful home of Liz as my home base. Despite being super busy with her pottery studio with Christmas coming up, she is the perfect host. Treating me with delightful meals, great and very personal conversations and even with a day trip [by car] to nearby Canyonlands Nationalpark.

The first day I strip down Klaus and go on an easy day ride through Arches National Park. A mind blowing landscape of red rock formations and well, arches. Watch out for new photos that I hope to upload soon. Unfortunately, the wind completely turned directions [would have been a full blown tail wind on my ride to Moab yesterday but is again a headwind today] and makes it still a rather tough and also super freezing day with temperatures just above zero. I go on several small hikes throughout the day.

Suffering again from spontaneous flat tires in the front and with my lights forgotten, I am happy to meet Coleen from Alaska in the late afternoon. She offers me and Klaus a ride through the remaining parts of the park and back to the entrance. [I usually refuse rides but since it is an easy day I can convince myself].

The second day is spent with Liz and her ex-husband going to Canyonlands with is even more breath taking than Arches. The huge canyons carved by Green and Colorado River along with some very adventurous roads going through really get my imagination going. I would love to ride some of these backroads but feel like I should rather keep pedaling south.

Because of very cold temperatures I decide to spend another day in Moab. I spend the day mainly relaxing since I am feeling unusually tired. I finally patch up my front tire [3 punctures] and enjoy a great evening at the Christmas party in the pottery studio. Thank you for such a great time, Liz!