I've spent a relaxing rest day in Salt Lake City checking out the city and being fed delicious meals by Julie and Lou. I also just came in time for Julie's Christmas cookie baking operations. Thank you so much for having me!

The headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints [also known as Mormons] is based in SLC and it was very interesting to learn more about the predominant religion here in Utah. Apart from that I enjoyed strolling around the city and giving Klaus some attention in the fully equipped workshop of Lou.

In the later morning and after a nice farewell breakfast with Lou I leave Salt Lake City towards Provo. It will only be a short trip of about 90km so I decide to take a slight detour using the bike paths running through the whole valley [first Jordan River trail, then Murdock Canal trail, then Provo River trail]. I enjoy beeing away from traffic and the easy day. But that's about it. The whole day I basically ride through suburbs. The whole valley is one continuous flow of towns. Fairly boring.

One highlight today is that I spot a restaurant of my all-time favorite California-based burger chain - In-N-Out burger. Opting against the California route meant also opting against In-N-Out - a tough call. The more it surprises me that Utah apperently has a few, too! While ordering "A Double Double, Animal Style Fries and a chocolate milk shake, please" I feel slightly bad because I know that my host will also wait with dinner for me. Well, since I am on this trip I somewhat lost the feeling of being full anyway. I guess, I can handle two dinners.

Kira will be my host for tonight. I decided that it is a good idea for me to spend another night inside to make an early start tomorrow. Provo is perfectly located to cross the Wasatch Mountains via Soldier Summit in one go tomorrow.

I meet her at the Provo Bycycle Collective, a non profit that refurbished bikes for the community, where she works as the manager. She is a fun character and I enjoy an amazing [second] dinner with Kira and some of her friends.