As anticipated I start with a very wet morning. I turn around in my bed again hoping to dream away the rain. Unsuccessfully. At 11AM I find my motivation to start the day. I make my way into the wet cycling clothes and stowe away the wet tent. I did manage to dry my socks over night dangling 5cm above my head. Slipping into my soaking wet shoes now this once successful mission quickly becomes pointless. However, I stay positive. I am very happy that I switched my down jacket (useless when wet) to a synthetic insulation jacket just before the trip. So I am warm, wet but warm.

After the first 35km I reach the first town called Nenana where I hope to find a place to dry my clothes and organize a sheltered sleeping spot for tonight. I have a heart warming bacon and egg pancake and loads of coffee as well as a nice sample of German Weizen Beer that the owner of the restaurant (Rough Woods Inn) brewed himself. Delicious and motivating.

I manage to get Paul from Healy on the phone who is able to host me for tonight in one of his cabins. Heaven! The weather forecast basically shows almost only rain for the next two weeks. So I figured there is no real point in beating myself up out there when I can get a hand on a dry place to sleep. I will get my rain, no worries folks!

Partially dry and well fed I set out at 3:30PM on the 95km ride to my dry sleeping place for the night. Without much stopping I just push through the rain to arrive at an amazing place owned by Paul. In my eyes just a perfect adventure base. Paul has all the gear, motorbikes, snowmobil, off-road vehicles, bikes, a very cool house he has built himself, nice dog Balto and a few cabins basically filled with outdoor gear. He loves wildlife photography.

After hanging all my gear to dry and a beer with Paul I fall asleep in a very cozy cabin. Hearing the rain dropping on the roof of the cabin makes me very happy now. Perspectives can change so quickly.

Oh and I just crossed my first 1000km today!