I get up early to leave well warmed up with the first rays of daylight. 7:30AM I start into a freezing -6 degree morning. Before hitting the road I take my time to shoot some photos in Unity that I already spotted yesterday. Despite the temperatures and coming out of a cozy warm motel I stay reasonably warm by cranking out some good speeds on the last considerable climbs of the route to Boise [and by wearing a Corona mask to prevent my face from falling off]. The road is completely empty and I have a beautiful high valley to myself at sunrise. Life is good! [At this point you might quickly jump back to the map. Compare the distances between the dots since I left Portland with the distance between the dots of yesterday and today. I know if you are not a trained expert it's not as easy to see a difference but believe me there is a difference.] [Narcism on] I really did not plan to do this but I pulled out 230km today which is by far not only the longest distance on this trip but also the longest distance I've ever riden in my life. And the best: I had a blast! [Narcism off] Why did I do this? Well, because I can [Narcism off, I said!] New try, why? Because today is Thanksgiving!

Last night I was able to get a hold of a host in Boise. I am planning to stay a day or two there. Rachel and Patrick happen to host a Thanksgiving dinner at their place tonight and happily invited me to join. They even offered to pick me up somewhere by car what I refused [Why? No clue...]. With 230km left to Boise it was clear to me that I won't be there before tomorrow and told them that I am more than happy with some leftovers to try.

Having covered the last climbs by 10AM in a good time [the shifting froze in quite a high gear after leaving the motel which forced me to really push up the hills] it hits me all of a sudden... "I guess I could just do this!"

The next few miles are spend to reassess distances and required speeds to make it to Boise at a time that is still reasonable [it is clear though that it will require some substantial riding in the dark]. Klaus, are you in? The temperature did just hit 0 degree and the shifters are back. I take that as a yes.

We can cut breaks to a bare minimum but we don't have much influence on the conditions [mild headwind today]. So we decide to give it a try and make the final decision on the halfway point where I would then inform Rachel and Patrick.

Off we go. Aerobars -- head down [after leaving the valley the scenery is not all that entertaining anymore, roads are dead empty because of the holiday] -- one eye on the bike computer cranking the speed towards my desired average - - one eye on the sidelines of the road -- one ear to techno music -- one ear into myself [Hungry? Thirsty? About to blow up?].

I've never done cycling as a sport [Klaus did] but I feel I can draw a bit from my marathon experience for this little Thanksgiving challenge, mainly in terms of nutrition and to hit the sweet spot of best output while not blowing up.

My notes for today seem endless but I spare you the minute by minute race live ticker and make the long story shorter with some highlights. I reach the halfway point in good time. For good measure I stock up another 2000 easy calories at a gas station to be consumed while riding.

The last towns in Oregon fly by, Vale, Nyssa, mostly agricultural and industrial. At 3PM my navigation app says "Welcome to Idaho" [no time for wrong turns today]. I pictured the arrival to the state of origin of my beloved Idahoan Potatoe Mash a bit more emotional but well it's quite unspectacular. At the border I have my first real break, second breakfast oats instead of potatoe mash, 140km done, 90km to go.

The first towns in Idaho fly by, Parma, Notus, a beautiful sunset. With 70km to go I hit darkness. I am still feeling super fit [even getting faster] but the darkness will take its toll... I allow myself more, short breaks now since it's clear that I'll make it.

Pretty amped up I finally arrive to a great Thanksgiving feast by 8PM [actually 9PM since I jumped a time zone]. After a warmshower [today to cool down instead of warming up] follows beer, turkey, potatoe mash, sweet potatoe mash, green beens, squash, pineapple, dressing, cranberry sauce, bread cake, nice talks with Rachel, Patrick, Cynthia and Bob, bed!

What a great day, what a great Thanksgiving! Really did enjoy the little challenge!