I slept quick and easy in a sheltered spot at a hiker rest area. What I didn't see last night though, were the railway tracks about 10 meters behind the shelter. So every other hour a super loud diesel lock ran through my bedroom. Still I am fresh and alert in the morning. I am also sooo cold... It's not really so cold, I just got soft [not joking]! In the last 5 weeks I slept a whopping 2 nights outside. It's really time for me to get out and stay out again.

With the headwind it is rather slow going today but I am not in a rush and don't feel like mile crushing today. The route remains beautiful and even has some pretty cool bike only sections. Again countless waterfalls, rough walls dropping down to the river. Quite spectacular, especially since I again did not have any expectations or looked up anything about it beforehand. I feel like I want to continue like this and happily take the risk for missing out the things I would have seen with more research [fear of missing out: off].

With rain being forecasted at 4PM and the whole night [not the Pacific downpour rain, but still quite a lot] I decide to pitch the tent early around 3:30PM just after crossing the neat town of Mosier. At 5PM I decide to sleep and to not catch up with my Travelmap backlog [sorry!]